Trying To Justify The Therapy Accelerator Cost

I am a pretty frugal person, but I do not mind paying more for things that seem like they are worth it. For the past two years, I have struggled trying to open my own therapy practice and I have spent countless hours trying to find a program that could help me with this. Once I came across one that seemed great, I planned to sign up right away, but the Therapy Accelerator cost is a bit higher than I imagined it would be. This makes me a bit worried about whether or not it would be in my best interest to move forward with this purchase.

The main issue that I am having is the fact that people are making claims that they are now netting profits many times what they used to since using it. While that is more than enough reason to go ahead and invest, I have to worry about whether or not these are valid claims. I do not know these people personally and there is always a chance that they are being paid to say this is a good program or they are wildly exaggerating.

I want to ignore the Therapy Accelerator cost and move forward because I am not really good at marketing. If I can find a program that can make me feel like I know what i am doing, that in itself seems like that would be worth the cost. I have come across a few people who say that it is very easy to understand, but I know this type of thing is subjective, which means it may still be over my head.

I do not want to waste any more time worrying about this, so I am going to ask around and see what my peers think. If they say this is worth it, i may just take a leap.…