Enjoy Comfortable Eyes At A Dry Eyes Clinic

dry eyes clinic

When your eyes are dry it becomes very uncomfortable to see. Your eyes can get so dry that it actually hurts to open them and it becomes hard to see when your eyes are so sore. If you want your eyes to be comfortable you need to go to a dry eyes clinic for treatment.

Dry eyes can happen for many reasons. Your eyes don’t produce enough tears for you to be able to see comfortably and when your eyes are not getting the lubrication they need they become sore and inflamed. Your eyes are likely to sting and they might also feel like you have something stuck in them.

Many people develop a mucous discharge and your eyes might be very sensitive when you are outside in the light. You might find that you blink a lot and that your eyes are very sore and red all the time. You are likely to feel like you have something in your eyes and it can become very difficult to wear contact lenses when you didn’t have problems wearing them before.

Many people experience difficulty driving at night because they see halos and it is hard to focus. Your eyes might water a lot and they can feel tired and blurry. Dry eyes don’t get better on their own and you are going to need to go to a doctor to get them treated. Dry eyes actually tend to get worse so you are going to need to see a doctor to get prescription eye drops and creams that can help lubricate your eyes so you can see comfortably again.

The treatment is going to be designed to lubricate your eyes and help them produce tears again so they are not so inflamed and sore. Your eyes can naturally start to produce fewer tears as you get older. Some medical conditions can also cause your eyes to produce fewer tears like diabetes and lupus. You can also develop dry eyes by taking certain medication.

Environmental factors can also cause your eyes to become dry like being out in the wind or somewhere where the air is dry. If you don’t blink enough your eyes can get dry as well. A dry eyes clinic will treat your dry eyes so you can see better again and before you know it your eyes are going to feel great.