eTA Canada Process Description

Travelers looking to get into Canada by air have to complete the eTA Canada process before they can be allowed into the country. This measure was introduced to boost the country’s 2019 immigration security.

Read on below to find out more about the Canada eTA.

What Is eTA Canada?

Canada Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) refers to a process in which visitors traveling to Canada through any one of its airports get screened. Only visitors who are traveling to Canada from visa exempt countries qualify for eTA. Some of the visa exempt countries here include Britain, Australia, Japan and a variety of European countries; in total there are 50 visa exempt countries included under eTA.

eta Canada

Travelers from the USA do not have to fill out the Electronic Travel Authorization. It is also worth noting that travelers using other means to enter Canada including road or sea do not have to follow the eTA process.

Application Process

The eTA process has to be completed online. Travelers are required to log onto the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website and complete the necessary forms. The forms collect the traveler%u2019s passport information and some important details regarding the visit. The applicant%u2019s credit card information is also required to cover the fixed application fee.

Once the process is complete, and the application approved, travelers are required to reapply after five years, or after they renew their passport, whichever comes first.

Dual Citizens

Dual Canadian citizens cannot apply for the Electronic Travel Authorization as the system does not allow them; they are required to use their Canadian passport when traveling to Canada. If they use their foreign passport, the system might require them to apply for eTA, something the system does not allow as they are also Canadian.

The eTA Canada process is designed to act as the first level of screening of visitors traveling to Canada from visa exempt countries. It is meant to identify visitors who would otherwise be barred from traveling to Canada under normal circumstances.…